A scrapbook of words and pictures from the year (2011) I try to convince my kids chicken nuggets are not a food group. With various other odd things thrown in, here and there.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Up and Adam (whatever that means)

Breakfast, Day 10ish

Organic granola cereal (Cascadian Farm)
Organic 2% milk
Homemade bread with organic peach preserves
apple slices

 So far, we like this cereal the best, I'll be trying out others. I'm hoping to get to Whole Foods in Cary sometime, I bet they have a larger selection than my local Harris Teeter.
 I feel like we need more protein, to make it last longer - I will be attempting the "give them an egg without them noticing" trick in the near future. Actually, my 2-year-old loves scrambled eggs, it's my 11-year-old that gives me problems with eggs.

We shall see .....

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