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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Jedi bites the dust

The other night I was sitting with Emmy in the bathroom as she took her bath. She had some toy she'd stolen from her big brother's Lego stash and was shooshing and babbling as she lived out some action-packed idea in her head.
I started out having all kinds of melancholy, sweet thoughts about how I remembered watching Thomas in the bathtub, years ago, just like this.
As Emmy played with her Lego whatever in the bubbles, I sighed and thought to myself, "Oh....I remember when Thomas was this little and how we could play with a little Lego ship in the bathtub, just like this...."
And he would - Thomas was famous for entertaining himself for long periods of time with a block or a train car or a Hot Wheel, laying on his back, with the toy up in the air, living out some extraordinary story in his head. 
But, suddenly, my reverie was busted with:
"NO, NO, NO!"
It was my Emmy, in the bathtub.
And the Lego ship had evidently done something really horrible and was facing the consequences via Emmy.
"NONONONO," she said with great gusto, standing up and banging the ship on the faucet and then on the wall. "Nonononononono!"
"Hey," I said, "You can't bang on the tiles like that, you're going to smash your fingers......"
"Nononononononono," she said firmly, completely ignoring me, pointing her finger at the poor mangled piece of Lego ship before throwing it into the water/bubbles with the other hand.
But evidently, deep under the bubbles, it must have made some kind of last twitch, because she started up again.
"No. Noooooooo," she said, trying to squash it into oblivion it with her bare foot.
How did we get from happily shooshing and babbling - to this -  in ten seconds?
"Whaaat are you doing?" I asked as I jumped up from my comfy spot, seeing exactly where this was going.
And KERPLOP, right on her tush.
"Waaaaaaaaah," she yelled, as I scooped her up.
I wasn't sure if she was crying or laughing, but then she yelled out, "BUBBY!"
That's what she calls her brother - "BUUUUUUUUBBBBBBY!" she yells, with a purpose not usually seen in an almost-two-year-old.
And it works. Thomas rushed in and said, "What?"
"It bit me," she said, pointing to the depths of her Bath of Death, "It bit me," she repeated with a look of pure pride on her face.
And she ambled off, naked, babbling to herself, "It bit me. OhNonononono....."
Thomas looked in the bathtub full of bubbles and asked, "Is there something in there?"
"Not anymore," I said.And I added, trailing behind Ms. SuperSquasher, "Oh - and you might want to put those Lego ships up a little higher, like I asked you to earlier...." 

Emmy 1 - Jedi fighter 0

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