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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting in the swing of things

This week's breakfasts haven't gone too bad.

I think everyone is agreeable to the menu.

In fact, I didn't even have to address the instant oatmeal question because, Emmy, (my 2-year-old who was eating it every morning prior to our experiment) has decided she wants to eat what her brother is eating and no longer is interested in eating oatmeal. This week she's insisted on the same granola cereal her brother has been eating and even wants her juice in a REAL cup - no more sippy cups for her.

I was all for the exiled sippy cups, until one night she wanted juice instead of milk with supper and thought the solution was to just pour the milk out ON THE FLOOR and hold her cup up for "juice pweese." I quickly welcomed the sippy cups back to the family.

Anyway, the hardest part of this week, was on my budget. My week to really ramp up our healthy eating didn't fall on a week when I was too flush with grocery money. I didn't get the free-range, organic happy eggs (just regular eggs instead) or a cantaloupe. They've been eating bananas and raisens instead of the cantaloupe. And in fact, starting today (Thursday) they're just down to raisens.

I've recently made a new monthly budget for the new year and we're cutting down on our grocery budget, so this is adding a new layer of challenge to the healthy eating thing. Once we get on track - I'll be spending about $425 a month on groceries (pure groceries, not including toiletries and stuff). I was spending about $550, but we had to cut somewhere!

I had always suspected, but last week, with my paltry $50 for groceries, it was apparent that it's much cheaper to eat yucky than healthy.

I got my organic milk, stuff to make cookies, granola cereal, stuff to make bread, some non-organic fruit, veggies and eggs, some bacon, lunchbox stuff (it really pained me to buy bologna and not deli meat), some chips and some non-food necessities like dish-washing soap and toilet paper and I was done.
Hopefully in February, as I start fresh with a full grocery budget, I can begin to find my way to the healthier choices in our local grocery store, as well as start checking out the Whole Foods in Cary (where my folks live).

Considering that I haven't had (too much) pouting and complaining in the morning, before I've had my coffee, I will consider this week's breakfast menu a SUCCESS!

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  1. It definitely costs more to eat healthy, but if you can swing it, it's so worth it!