A scrapbook of words and pictures from the year (2011) I try to convince my kids chicken nuggets are not a food group. With various other odd things thrown in, here and there.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Menu for 1/24 - 1/31

B - new pumpkin seed/raisin bran cereal (very tasty), cantaloupe, bread and jam
L- leftover bean soup (from Sunday, change in menu plan last week)
S- homemade chicken pot pie with leftover chicken from Saturday

B- honey bran waffle sticks (made over the weekend), cantaloupe
L- leftover potpie
S - spaghetti

B- raisin bran cereal, bananas, toast and jam
L - chicken sandwich
S- out

B - boiled eggs, cereal, cantaloupe
L - leftover spaghetti
S - pizza

B - scrambled eggs, toast and jam, apple slices
S - breakfast supper (pancakes, bacon, eggs)

Saturday -
B- egg/bacon sandwiches
L - cheese toast
S - something in the crockpot (?)

Sunday -  (Emmy's Birthday!!)
B - waffles
L/S - chili (had soup last week instead of chili)

Coming up next week (I hope) - yummy bran/fruit/honey muffins for breakfast next week.

Our test cereal for this week - mom and kids give thumbs up.

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