A scrapbook of words and pictures from the year (2011) I try to convince my kids chicken nuggets are not a food group. With various other odd things thrown in, here and there.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Menu for 1/16 - 1/23

Menu ideas for this week include:

Monday -
B: cold cereal and milk, toast and jam, bananas, OJ
S: homemade mac and cheese, collards, drop biscuits

B: boiled eggs, toast and jam, cantaloupe
S: steak hoagies, roasted potatoes, cukes

Wednesday -
B: cold cereal and milk, homemade waffle sticks
S: out

Thursday -
B: cold cereal and milk, cantaloupe, toast and jam
S: frozen pizza, cukes

Friday -
B: cold cereal and milk, homemade waffle sticks, raisens
S: leftovers

B: cereal, scrambled eggs, bacon
S: roast, potatoes, carrots, celery

Sunday -
B: bacon, eggs, toast
S: chili, bread

My husband fried fish for us on Sunday for lunch - it was DELISH!! I hope he'll make the chili on Sunday - it's his specialty.

This weekend I made two kinds of cookies, spicy molasses cookies and oatmeal raisens - I'll share recipes later in the week. Between the cookies and the bread - I'm constantly fighting temptations. Why can't vegetables and lentils taste as good as carbs?


  1. I so admire you and your food schedule! It is one of my goals this year to get everyone around here eating more healthy:)

  2. Planning it out, makes it easier - but at least for now, it's taking a lot more effort (and expense) to change our diets. But I'm sufficiently worried about all the toxins and weird stuff going into our bodies that I'm ready to put the effort into it. Thanks for commenting Victoria!