A scrapbook of words and pictures from the year (2011) I try to convince my kids chicken nuggets are not a food group. With various other odd things thrown in, here and there.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dr. Mom

AGGGH! Between work responsibilities and time off to take care of sick kids, I've been swamped with little time for personal writing!

I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things (slowly) in the next few weeks.
Here are abbreviated blog entries; things I've been thinking about but haven't had time to fully write about.
1. It would have been a better idea to start this blog AFTER we got our finances straightened out. We recently have been going through a budget crunch and my grocery budget is SMALL! However, I will say, I have been so proud of myself for the last few weeks and how I have cut back and made do with less. BUT, I haven't fully embraced the "all natural" and/or organic rules, I had hoped to be going by at this point. For instance, last week, with my crazy schedule and lack of funds, I went with Little Debbie cakes for snacks/desserts, rather than my homemade cookies I have been making the last few weeks.
2. I. Am.Gaining.Weight. I weigh 10 pounds more than I did before I got pregnant with my daughter, now 2 years-old. I am out of breath after lugging her across a parking lot and I am just feeling LAZY. Got to get moving! And hopefully our new and improved healthy eating will help too.
3. I have some great cookie recipes to share soon!
4. We have slid back into old habits at breakfast, especially since my morning routine has been shot to hell with sick kids. IF they've even wanted to eat anything, I have been giving them whatever they want, just to get some food into them.
5. I have found some really cool blogs by other women offering lots of information and recipes that I think will be really useful in my quest to get my family healthy. I will share those soon, too.
6. Here's our menu for the week - it's just supper, since I don't want to share what we're eating for breakfast these days (poptarts, sugary cereal and bacon!)
2/7 - Pork chop stir fry with rice and fresh broccoli
2/8 - Homemade frozen pot-pie made a few weeks ago
2/9 - Leftovers
2/10 - Homemade pizza
2/11 - Pancakes/Breakfast supper
2/12 - Beef stew
2/13 - ?